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You're safe with me

You're safe with me

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High quality Hardback

Chitra Soundar and Poonam Mistry

This is a beautiful story and book, Mummy Elephant knows just what to say when then the baby animals are scared of the things they see and hear. You're safe with me. This helps the little ones feel reassured so they can sleep. I like the way the animals are a little hidden in the amazing illustrations. It has such a calming effect on the reader and listener.  

Happy reading book fans.

About the story

When the moon rises high and the stars twinkle, it is bedtime for the baby animals of the Indian forest. But tonight, when the skies turn dark and the night grows stormy, the little ones can't sleep. SWISH-SWISH! CRACK-TRACK! FLASH-SNAP! goes the storm. Only Mama Elephant with her words of wisdom can reassure them, "You're safe with me."



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