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Bear Hunt Books and Toys is an independent bookshop and offers a place to find children's books online, and in our new shop in Bebington, Wirral.

A story about books

Once upon a time there was a human being called Michelle, their favourite Two teddy bears at the beachthings were reading stories, watching films and playing out. A magical world was discovered one day in the high School library, it was a place called Tanbridge High in Horsham and little did Michelle realise what an amazing adventure they would be embarking on through the stories that were brought home.

This story jumps ahead from 1986 to 2017 when something magical happened again, when Michelle wondered if book collecting would bring as much joy as reading had done? After a little exploring online they discovered that a new book called the Book of Dust was going to be launched. After getting the book and reading it, a very special visitor came to the Wirral were Michelle is based - Philip Pullman. You cannot imagine the excitement of meeting a hero whose books - His Dark Materials had been special for a long time.

Jumping ahead to 2020 and this this time something very sad was happening, Michelle's business in events stopped overnight and they wondered what to do?

After lots of consideration Michelle thought about opening an online children's bookshop. Amazingly after lots of support from her partner Siân and daughter Little Fox, this has become reality.

A year later, in 2021, Michelle and Siân started to look at opening a bookshop in the town where they live. A month or so later, some space became available in what was once their local supermarket. It was a bit bigger than a lot of bookshops, but left lots of room for play and activities. They worked hard over the summer and autumn of 2021 and opened the doors for Bear Hunt Books and Toys on 9th October 2021.

Thanks for reading our story. Good luck in your story hunting!

Bear Hunt Books

We are a diverse and inclusive family and bookshop: we hope that the books stocked reflect the amazing diversity we celebrate in our world, neurodiversity, gender diversity, LGBT and cultural diversity.

Want to know about my event business and play work? Please check out www.blueyandbaloo.co.uk