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Two Terrible Vikings

Two Terrible Vikings

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Written by: Francesca Simon
Illustrated by:Steve May
Format: Paperback / softback

This viking duo will give Horrid Henry a run for his money!What if your parents WANTED you to behave badly?Set in the snowy fjords of a Viking kingdom, the terrible twins, Hack and Whack, are proud to be the best worst vikings. Nothing stops the marauding pair as they steal boats, loot a birthday party, track a troll and sail off to raid Bad Island with their friends Twisty Pants and Dirty Ulf. Well, almost nothing .

. . With whip-smart dialogue, and accompanied by Dennis the Menace style anarchic cartoon imagery, this series is as sharp, funny and compelling as you would expect from the reigning Queen of Comedy.

'As joyously anarchic as Horrid Henry . . .

will have your children laughing out loud.' Cressida Cowell'A treat for kids. A wonderfully absurd, anarchic romp.' Sarah McIntyre

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