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Too many Bubbles

Too many Bubbles

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Written by David Gibb and Illustrated by Dan Taylor

About the book

A hilarious, rhyming adventure that all starts with washing the dog . . .

perfect for getting even the most reluctant bathers excited about bathtime! It's time to bathe the dog, but be careful with the bubble bath . . .

Uh oh! Before you know it, the dog's escaped and there are bubbles everywhere - in the hallway, down the street and even in the zoo! But who's going to clean up all this mess, and what will Mum say? Find out in this riotous, rhyming story, which is great fun to read aloud, from the fabulous new pairing, YouTube superstar David Gibb, and Dan Taylor, who has written and illustrated several titles in Campbell's First Stories series, including Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel.

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