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The Witchling's Wish

The Witchling's Wish

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Written by: Lu Fraser
Illustrated by: Sarah Massini
Format: Hardback

**'Spellbinding' - Laura Hughes****'Magical' - Korky Paul****'Timeless' - Stephen Lenton**-----------------------------A magical, beautifully illustrated picture book about what it means to be a friend. The Little Witchling lives alone in her mountain top and more than anything else, she wishes for a friend. So, when her spell-book tells her that the secret ingredient is the fur from a little girl's favourite teddy, she knows what she must do.

But the teddy belongs to Lily, who can't bear to part with him. Will the Little Witchling give up her dream of a real friend? Or just maybe, is there a way for her and Lily to make the wish come true, together? With a heartwarming rhyming text and breathtaking illustrations from Sarah Massini, this magical friendship story is perfect for little witches everywhere!

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