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The Magic Hug

The Magic Hug

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Written by: Fifi Kuo
Format: Hardback

There's nothing like a hug to make your anger go away. It's MAGIC! What happens when a little dragon gets angry? She FLAMES red-hot... and things get burnt.

Then she feels sad and lonely. Through this adorable character, Magic Hug explores the powerful feeling of anger, showing how it affects us and everyone we love. But it also offers a loving and simple solution: hug your anger away! Fifi Kuo's unique illustrations deliver a meaningful message to younger children trying to understand their emotions.

AGES: 3 to 7 AUTHOR: Fifi Kuo is originally from Taiwan where she earned a BA in Landscape Architecture Design. She just completed an MA in illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, and, since graduating, has won Bronze in the Macmillan Prize and merit in the iJungle Illustration Awards. She was also short listed for the AOI World Illustration Award, short listed for the Read It Again! Cambridgeshire Libraries' Children's Picture Book Award, and long listed for the Klaus Flugge Prize 2019 for I Can Fly.

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