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The Huffalots

The Huffalots

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Eve Coy


This is one of those books that leaves a lump in the throat, it's adorable. See what happens to the Huffalots in the course  of their day, several transformations occur, how will Mummy get on?  

About the Book

When Mum wakes up her Huffalots, nothing is right ‚¬ €œ they don ‚¬ „¢t like their clothes, their breakfast is yucky and they just don ‚¬ „¢t like each other. When one of them trips over, the other offers a hug and they magically transform into  Huffalittles, then  Lovealittles, and finally, with a big cuddle they become  Lovealots. But it ‚¬ „¢s been a long day and Mum is now grumpy and tired. Good thing the Lovealots know exactly what to do...
A gorgeous picture book that explores how moods change through the day, and what we can do to help others feel better.

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