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The Great Hamster Rescue

The Great Hamster Rescue

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Written by: Lily Roscoe
Illustrated by:Tony Neal
Format: Paperback / softback

How do you rescue a rat who'd rather be relaxing?! Find out in this hilarious caper from Lily Roscoe and Tony Neal Rita 'Roberella' Rat is the leader of The Rat Burglars - they're tough, they're cool, they're rats. And along with the rest of the gang, life for The Rat Burglars is pretty sweet. Until one day, Hold-em'-Up Harry is mistaken for a pet hamster and given to a kid who calls him .

. . Snuggle Puff Rainbow Muffin.

Could there be anything worse? The Rat Burglars know they have to save Harry, and FAST, but with all the free food, fun exercise wheel, and lullabies, will Harry WANT to be saved?

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