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The Ghost Cat

The Ghost Cat

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Alex Howard

A beautifully written cat's-eye view of some 120 years of history. Prepare to be enchanted.'SIMON BRETT, author of the Mrs Pargeter seriesEarly morning, 1902. At 7/7 Marchmont Crescent, Eilidh the charlady tips coal into a fire grate and sets it alight.

Overhearing, Grimalkin the cat ambles over to curl up against the welcome heat and lick his favourite human'shand. But this is to be his last day on earth ... before he becomes the Ghost Cat.

Follow Grimalkin as he witnesses the changes of the next 120 years, prowling unseen among the inhabitants of an Edinburgh tenement, while unearthing some startling revelations about the mystery of existence, the unstoppable march of time and the true meaning of feline companionship. This unique tale provides a feel-good read full of charm for any fan of history, humour and fur-ridden fun. Perfect for fans of Matt Haig's How to Stop Time and V.

E. Schwab's The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. 'The Ghost Cat is an Edinburgh delight: "mizzle-ridden" days were made for books like this!'LUCY RIBCHESTER, author of The Hourglass Factory'A beautiful story' Tiktok's @beansthegingercat'Enchanting, entertaining and engaging ...

I found this beautiful little cats paws wrapped around my heartstrings throughout the entirety of the book.'Goodreads reviewer, five stars'A beautiful love letter to the majestic cat.'NetGalley reviewer

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