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The Eureka! Moment: Radioactivity

The Eureka! Moment: Radioactivity

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Written by: Ian Graham
Illustrated by: Annaliese Stoney
Format: Paperback / softback

Follow Marie Curie in this inspiring, informative narrative non-fiction book and learn about how her appetite for knowledge changed the world. Perfect for aspiring scientists over 9 years old!Driven by an insatiable curiosity, follow Marie Curie as she secretly educates herself in a time and place where women were forbidden to study. Discover what barriers the famed female scientist faced, and how she went on to discover radioactivity and its properties.

Explore the ways Marie Curie's incredible contributions would give rise to the advent of X-rays, revolutionising the medical field and saving the lives of many WW1 soldiers. The Eureka Moment series explores the greatest moments in science through the eyes of the scientists and inventors themselves, educating and encouraging a new generation of innovators. Each book is interspersed with short comic strips, dramatising all the missteps and struggles that ultimately lead to that 'Eureka' moment of triumph.

Also contains a timeline, a glossary and an index, and some books feature a map.

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