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The Eureka! Moment: Evolution

The Eureka! Moment: Evolution

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Written by: Ian Graham
Illustrated by: Annaliese Stoney
Format: Paperback / softback

Follow Charles Darwin in this inspiring, informative narrative non-fiction book and discover how his quest for knowledge changed the world. Driven by a restless resolve, follow famed scientist Charles Darwin as he boards the Beagle and sets off on a scientific adventure to the Galapagos islands. Here, Darwin will uncover one of the most groundbreaking milestones in modern science: his theory of evolution, natural selection and survival of the fittest.

Discover how Darwin's radical ideas revolutionised the world, and learn more about the hostility he faced from the Victorian society around him. The Eureka Moment series explores the greatest moments in science through the eyes of the scientists and inventors themselves, educating and encouraging a new generation of innovators. Each book is interspersed with short comic strips, dramatising all the missteps and struggles that ultimately lead to that 'Eureka' moment of triumph.

Also contains a timeline, a glossary and an index, and some books feature a map.

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