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The Best Diwali Ever (PB)

The Best Diwali Ever (PB)

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Written by: Sonali Shah
Illustrated by:Chaaya Prabhat
Format: Paperback / softback

Peek into the magic of Diwali in this heart-warming picture book about Diwali, siblings and how very special this celebration can be. This year, Ariana has plans to make Diwali an extra special celebration, with yummy sweets, divas around the house, pretty clothes, fireworks and... the rangoli competition, of course.

"This year, I am DEFINITELY going to win the rangoli competition." Everything would go perfectly to plan if it weren't for Rafi, her annoying little brother, always up to mischief...and always being clumsy! Will he ruin Diwali too? Includes a non-fiction spread at the back about Diwali and how it is celebrated around the world and in different religions Touches on what it's like to be a big sister or brother, the annoying parts and the extra special parts Written by Sonali Shah, ambassador for the British Asian Trust and BBC broadcaster Bright and rich colours on every page truly bring the magic of Diwali to life

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