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Put Your Botty on the Potty

Put Your Botty on the Potty

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Sam Lloyd


It was lovely to discover the contents of Moo Monster's nappy (behind one of the flaps) and read the story about how Moo Monster doesn't want to wear a nappy anymore. I am doing a very bad job of explaining how hilarious this book is, expect lots of giggles and   guffaws! Do not expect a mysterious and twee book, this is toilet, or rather potty humour at it's best and if it gets your kids onto the potty that would be an incredible bonus.


About the Book

This is a brilliant, funny and fresh take on the potty training book from the amazing picture book illustrator, Sam Lloyd

Little Moo Monster is growing up and no longer happy to be in a nappy. Moo wants to be more grown-up. So the loveable monster discards the nappy and suddenly there ‚¬ „¢s poop everywhere. Mum gets a potty, and Moo practises sitting on it ‚¬ ¦ until finally ‚¬ ¦ success! Moo can progress to grown up pants ‚¬ €œ which means Moo can go to the MONSTER PANT PARTY with lots of little potty-trained (and not-quite-so-potty-trained!) friends.


With lift the flaps plus great illustrations and laugh-out-loud humour, this book will be the perfect potty-training tool for all toddlers ‚¬ €œ girls and boys ‚¬ €œ and their parents.


The book covers all elements of potty training ‚¬ €œ from getting the potty, patience, triumphs and mishaps, using paper, washing your hands after, and the joy of getting your first grown-up pants. All told in a fun and supportive way.

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