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Ori's Stars

Ori's Stars

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Krystyna Litten


Ori is all by herself in the sky but makes an interesting discovery when she finds she can make a star. Soon after Ori is joined by Bella and this is the start of lots of star making and finding friends. This is a beautifully illustrated book with a lovely message that you can enjoy with a little one many times over.

About the Book

A touching and beautiful tale by the author of Ziggy and the Moonlight Show

Far out in the depths of space lives Ori. Tired of living alone in the darkness, Ori discovers how to create a star and before she knows it, she has created hundred of them. As they light up the sky around her, figures far and wide begin to flock to the stars and soon Ori realises that she isn't alone after all. 

An outstanding tale of the power of friendship to shine through even the darkest of nights! 

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