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My First Book of Everything

My First Book of Everything

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Illustrated by:Ben Newman
Format: Hardback

Go on a journey of discovery in My First Book of Everything. From the solar system to the tiny mantis shrimp, everything in our universe is amazing! This beautiful non-fiction gift book introduces over 100 big concepts, words or ideas from the world (and universe!) around us and gives a bitesize explanation for each one that will spark preschoolers' imagination and inspire wonder and curiosity. Featuring content on the universe, the Earth, the human body, inventions, history and time and much more, My First Book of Everything is perfect for preschoolers who have graduated from First Words books and are getting curious about the world around them.

My First Book of Everything is presented in a simple, stylish grid and with bright, colourful illustrations by bestselling author-illustrator Ben Newman (Professor Astro Cat, Snip Snap). It features a handy section at the back with reading tips for parents and carers, and is packed with words and concepts that will help enhance vocabulary and word recognition, plus spotting and search-and-find fun, and all sorts of things to inspire and ignite conversation between you and your child.

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