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Lost on Mars

Lost on Mars

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Paul MAgrs

It is a wonderfully weird world. The family servant and friend is a sunbed called Toaster, and Lora makes friends – and more than friends? – with a female flying Martian called Sook who may or may not want to eat her. Rustling Reads

About the Book

With the scale and scope of the great science fiction epics, Lost on Mars tells the story of Lora and her family, third generation human settlers on the red planet who are struggling to survive in incredible circumstances. The family clings to life on a smallholding in the desert landscape, surviving storms and sinister rumours of unexplained disappearances - until one night Lora sees the Dancers. When her father and grandmother disappear themselves, Lora's family is driven out to seek a new life across the plains.

But none of them are ready for what they find - the beautiful, dangerous City Inside.

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