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Little Fox

Little Fox

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Edward Van De Vendel & Marije Tolman  


Little fox plays, explores and dreams. In this epic masterpiece little fox dreams of lots of things they did when they were little, discover, seeing and smelling, eating playing and finding. The vividness of the art will delight adults as much as children. The story is wonderful and I hope you enjoy reading about Little Fox as much a we did.

It would be a wonderful gift.

About the book

Good parents everywhere know the tension of wanting our kids to be curious, to have rich experiences and friends...but to be perfectly safe while doing it. Little Fox knows all about it! His father (in classic picture book fashion) warns him of the danger everywhere. But Little Fox still frolics with butterflies, scavenges for food, and searches for new friends.

Then one day he takes a tumble, bumps his head, and starts dreaming of things that reflect both the beauty he's seen and the scary things he's heard. Marije Tolman's ingenious illustrations use a fresh technique that FEELS like a movie and a dream, starring the cheerful, bright orange Little Fox on grainy mixed media landscapes of blue and green. And when Little Fox wakes up, he's perhaps a little wiser, but still every bit as curious and full of life. 

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