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I am not an Elephant (signed bookplate copy)

I am not an Elephant (signed bookplate copy)

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Karl Newson and illustrated by Ross Collins


This is a lovely story about a little mouse that lives with some interesting but confused creatures. Mouse is very clever though and can do all sorts of interesting things.

About the Book

This laugh-out-loud story is about a bold and imaginative Mouse who is accused of being an elephant by a gecko. Despite having a pointy nose and flappy ears, Mouse is definitely not an elephant – but could Mouse be an owl, a sheep, a yak, or a cow? Mouse persuades the others that it's what is on the inside that counts - and maybe Mouse is actually a Moose?
With vibrant and characterful illustrations this hilarious follow on to the acclaimed I AM A TIGER introduces a new range of animals for the feisty Mouse to bamboozle.


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