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Hotel Flamingo: Holiday Heatwave

Hotel Flamingo: Holiday Heatwave

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Written by: Alex Milway
Format: Paperback / softback

'A total joy' PIERS TORDAY'Truly heartwarming and uplifting' PHILIP ARDAGH'Bursting with charm, friendship and fabulous characters!' LAURA ELLEN ANDERSONAn enchanting four-book series featuring the adventures of Anna and her array of animal friends The temperature is rising, which can only mean one thing: it's summer! Bookings are up at Hotel Flamingo and the hotel is getting busy. Anna is excited to receive word from King Penguin royalty asking to holiday in their Royal Suite. But there's a lot to get done, and it's not easy to manage the needs of the penguins when there's a heatwave on and a huge ice shortage.

Help! Can Anna get Hotel Flamingo back to its usual shining self and have happy guests all round?If you love the Hotel Flamingo series, try the new animal adventures from Alex Milway - BIG SKY MOUNTAIN!

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