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Hayley the Hairy Horse

Hayley the Hairy Horse

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Written by: Gavin Puckett
Format: Paperback / softback

Hayley the Horse is a beauty!Her sleek tail was glossy, her black mane perfection. Her coat shone so bright you could see your reflection. And when she gets a haircut .

. . she is proud to see her locks used to make fine paintbrushes and bows for violins.

But when the famous violinist La Rue comes to town and spots Hayley, he hatches a plan to steal her whole tail. So Hayley has to be strong - this horse couldn't fail. There was no way on earth he was taking her tail!She is going to put on a performance that the Queen will never forget!Another laugh-out-loud horsey fable from the brilliant Gavin Puckett!

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