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Gigantosaurus - A Light in the Storm

Gigantosaurus - A Light in the Storm

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Written by: Cyber Group Studios
Illustrated by: Cyber Group Studios
Format: Paperback / softback

A nail-biting adventure as the four friends get lost in a thick fog and Bill steps up to lead them out of danger! Join your four favourite dinos in this brand new story from the Gigantosaurus TV series based on the original book by Jonny Duddle. While Bill, Rocky, Tiny, Mazu and their friend Marsh are on the hunt for shiny glow weeds, a thick fog settles over Cretacia. UH OH - how will they ever find their way home? Anyone who knows the four friends knows that Mazu is an excellent leader and will keep the group away from any danger.

But when Bill and Marsh get separated from the group, Bill must find the confidence in himself to brave the bad weather and lead them to safety. Will Bill face his fears and save the day? And will all the friends make it back to the den unscathed?This is the perfect book for Gigantosaurus fans new and old. Watch the latest Gigantosaurus episodes now and look out for other EPIC stories like The Dino-Sitters Club, Finding Dinosia, The Story of Gigantosaurus and Crying Wolfasaurus.

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