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Free Nonsense Poetry Workshop

Free Nonsense Poetry Workshop

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Saturday 25th June 11am at the shop.

There is no cost to attend but please do book a place for each child.

We are delighted to host a fun event to mark the end of the Independent Bookshop week .

Kemal Houghton will be at Bear Hunt Books to offer a workshop on nonsense poetry. 

Kemal is a poet and chair of the Wirral Poetry Festival.

Poetry Workshop - Bear Hunt Books 

The Hummm of The Three-Nose Plong

─ Animals Real and Imagined 

Join local poet Kemal Houghton as he leads this one-hour workshop exploring the world of animals real and imagined. He will read and maybe make sense of some of his nonsense poems and help you to write your own. It will be a fun session of playing with words and sounds and sharing. 

The Three-Nosed Plong 

The Three-Nosed Plong

Sings a humming song

As he moves along

And he moves along all day.


The Three-Nosed Plong

Has never been wrong

With the words of his song

As he goes along that way.

 The Three-Nosed Plong

Sometimes bangs a gong

As he leads a throng

Of Three-Nosed Plongs who all say,

 “There is nothing wrong

With the words of a song

That you can just hum along

With a Three-Nosed Plong at play.”


And the Three-Nosed Plongs

All started to sway

As they all sang “Hmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnm…  ”

In their very special nasal way.


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