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Down in the Dumps #3: A Very Trashy Christmas

Down in the Dumps #3: A Very Trashy Christmas

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Written by: Wes Hargis
Illustrated by:Wes Hargis
Format: Paperback / softback

The Secret Life of Pets meets The Bad Guys in DOWN IN THE DUMPS, an all-new, highly illustrated early chapter book series about three unlikely friends-a rotten banana, a broken tea pot, and a crusty blob of gunk-and their adventures together in the local town landfill. Santa who? Nana has never heard about Christmas until the old toys of the Westerfield Waste Transfer and Recycling Center tell her about the most magical night of the year!In A Very Trashy Christmas, the third book in the Down in the Dumps series, Nana learns that Santa Claus delivers toys to all the good boys and girls and so she insists on writing him her own letter. But when Santa arrives with their gifts in tow, the Forklift of Doom mistakes Santa's sleigh for rubbish.

Can Nana and her trash friends band together to save Christmas before it's too late?A Very Trashy Christmas is the third book in the Down in the Dumps series from beloved author-illustrator Wes Hargis. It will have even the most reluctant readers writing Santa for more adventures!HarperChapters build confident readers one chapter at a time! With short, fast-paced books, art on every page, and milestone markers at the end of every chapter, they're the perfect next step for fans of I Can Read!

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