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Ballet Bunnies: Let's Dance

Ballet Bunnies: Let's Dance

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Swapna Reddy and Binny Talib


Shhh, can you keep a secret? Would you like to meet the Ballet Bunnies that live at a very special Ballet school? Millie has some little friends and they might be needed to help when a big show is planned. Can Millie do her best dancing? All will be revealled.

About the Book

Millie was so pleased to meet the four little bunnies hiding in secret at her ballet school. They use ballet shoes for beds, upside down cups for tables-and secretly take the ballet classes with the humans and they really helped Millie find her dancing feet. With the gala show looming, Millie's going to need their help again.

It's time for the ballet bunnies to step in and lend a paw!

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