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THE SONG that SINGS US review


Nicola Davies 


When animals speak, it’s time humans listened. This amazing story opens with Harlon who has been raised to protect her younger siblings, twins Ash and Zeno who have outlawed special powers. Faced with an attack from the dreaded Automators, they are forced to flee their mountain home not knowing what perils are ahead. Nor do they know what will become of their mother who has stayed behind. 

The terrifying journey begins featuring changing landscapes, animals who speak and sing of the destruction of their natural world and its environments and the Automators who continue in their quest to control the world. The reader is drawn into the adventure through the wonderful description and the powerful theme. The action is fast moving as Harlon and the twins fight for survival. Who will dominate? Will it be Harlon, Ash and Zeno or the Automators and their Controllers? What other forces and special powers may be needed? 

I thoroughly recommend this book as I could not wait to discover the answers to those questions. It is particularly suitable for those who are interested in the need to protect the natural world and its creatures and enjoy stories involving unknown lands where creatures and some humans have special powers. Readers from 12 years onwards would appreciate the power of the story. I loved it and I am looking forward to reading the author’s next book.  

Reviewed very kindly by the Head of Governors for 2 local schools. 


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