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Up in the Canopy : Explore the Rainforest, Layer by Layer

Up in the Canopy : Explore the Rainforest, Layer by Layer

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Written by: James Aldred
Illustrated by: Good Wives and Warriors
Format: Hardback

This exquisite book explores one huge tree in the jungle, from roots to canopy... with a huge fold-out surprise at the end. Offering a perspective rarely seen, Up in the Canopy explores the rainforest layer by layer, as we climb the incredible Kapok tree - a 100-metre tropical tree in the heart of wildest South America - in search of the elusive Harpy eagle which lives almost exclusively at great heights.

With artwork as rich and dense as the rainforest itself, there is much to explore at every level, and readers can scour the forest floor, understory and canopy for the world's rarest and most beautiful tropical creatures. Finally reaching the top, they are rewarded with the most magical sight... As told by James Aldred, author of The Man Who Climbed Trees, and published in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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