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Time Travel Twins: The Viking Attack

Time Travel Twins: The Viking Attack

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Written by: Josh Lacey
Illustrated by: Garry Parsons
Format: Paperback / softback

Discover two sides of history with the Time Travel Twins!Twins, Scarlett and Tom, are studying the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons at school and they have a homework project to do. When Tom's struggling for inspiration, Grandad comes to the rescue with his time machine. Tom is catapulted onto a Viking long ship and it's not long before he's being told oral tales, fitted out with armour and weapons and is getting ready to attack a Saxon village.

But uh oh, his sister Scarlett has landed in a Saxon village, in a pile of pig poo to be exact. Things seems to be getting better when she befriends the young Alfred the Great, but watch out, Scarlett, there's a Viking ship on its way. Also in the series: The Roman Invasion

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