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The Ultimate Challenge Book : What's YOUR Personal Best?

The Ultimate Challenge Book : What's YOUR Personal Best?

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Written by: Gary Panton
Illustrated by:Harry Briggs
Format: Paperback / softback

Can you rise to the Ultimate Challenge? It's time to find out, with this interactive book of weird, wacky and bonkers challenges for kids. Can you master the task of drawing a cat while blindfolded? How quickly can you get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without touching it? Can you win a rap-off? How about balancing an ice cube on top of your head? Work your way through each hilarious challenge, recording your best scores along the way. Some are solo challenges, some can be done against a friend, and for others you can rope in the entire family.

You can do them indoors, outdoors or even turn them into party games. Just make sure you're at the very top of your game!The Ultimate Challenge Book will have you holding in laughs, picking up peas with chopsticks, juggling like crazy and jumping around like the floor is lava. Beat that!

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