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The Territory, Book Two Escape

The Territory, Book Two Escape

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Sarah Govett


‚¬˜The second installment in Sarah Govett ‚¬ „¢s trilogy set in a future Territory is as great as the first ‚¬ ¦ exciting and inspiring ‚¬ „¢  The Bookwitch

About the Book

Second in The Territory trilogy. The year is 2059. 15-year-old Noa Blake has to take an exam to stay in the Territory - but her childhood friend Jack has been sent to the disease-ridden Wetlands where few people survive long. Noa and new boyfriend Raf have vowed to rescue Jack, but how? Can they find a gap in The Territory's defences and will they find Jack in the wilderness beyond? And how divided are Noa's loyalties when put to the test...

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