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The Pear Affair

The Pear Affair

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Judith Eagle


About the Book

I read so many great reviews for this book that I though I would have a read and I was not disappointed, Nell Magnificent is sadly afflicted with terrible parents, the book is about Nell's quest to find her precious Nanny Pear. Be prepared to meet some amazing characters and dastardly plots. Will Nell find Pear?

The highly anticipated second novel from the author of acclaimed The Secret Starling - a spectacular adventure set through and under the streets of Paris. When Penelope Magnificent's awful parents tell her they're taking a trip to Paris, she surprises them by begging to go along. Nell is usually content to avoid her money-obsessed father and her fashion-focussed mother, but Paris holds something very dear to her .

. . her old au pair Perrine - Pear - lives there.

Pear used to write to Nell every week promising to come to her rescue but recently the letters have stopped . . .

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