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The Girl Who Couldn't Lie preorder

The Girl Who Couldn't Lie preorder

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Radhika Sanghani


Out 9th May 2024

A fresh, funny story about white lies, brutal honesty and a bangle with special powers, from award-winning journalist and author Radhika Sanghani. Priya Shah lies. A lot.

She pretends everything in her life is perfect, so she doesn't disappoint anyone. But when she puts on a bangle left to her by her Ba - the one person she was always honest with - she finds herself unable to tell a lie. Priya is mortified.

She tells her dad she hates his cooking, she tells Dan Zhang about her huge crush on him, she shares her best friends' secrets at school. She can't get the bangle off, and she can't stop the truths pouring out of her. As more things go wrong, and Priya's truth-telling spirals out of control, can Priya learn to be honest without hurting the people she loves?

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