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The Firefighter's Kitten

The Firefighter's Kitten

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Written by: Holly Webb
Illustrated by: Sophy Williams
Format: Paperback / softback

When Lola???s mum gets a job at a fire station in a different town, it means moving away from all her friends. Lola is proud of her mum, but she???s really worried about starting a new school. There is one good thing, though ??? her parents have promised that they can think about getting a cat!Then one day Lola and her new neighbour Noah spot a kitten high up in a tree.

It looks scared and soggy from the rain. A worried crowd forms and the fire brigade are called ??? including Lola???s mum. Can they rescue the stray kitten and help find him a new home?A new story from best-selling author Holly Webb, perfect for animal-loving children, and fans of ZOE'S RESCUE ZOO and MAGIC ANIMAL FRIENDS.

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