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The Crown

The Crown

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Written by: Emily Kapff
Illustrated by: Emily Kapff
Format: Hardback

You have the power to pass down ... a different kind of crown. Speaking from the future, a girl wears a crown made from the rubbish passed down to her by previous generations.

Her Earth is covered by waste, but beneath the landfill she discovers a book of pictures that show her the past - our world as it is now - and she is filled with joy by the beautiful sky, land, sea and creatures that she sees. Alongside her companion horse, she experiences the beauty of our Earth and imagines a world where her crown is no longer made from rubbish, but from an abundance of life. This is a lyrical, stunningly illustrated debut that expresses our need to act now to save the environment, while weaving a positive message about protecting the world we live in.

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