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The Broken Leg of Doom

The Broken Leg of Doom

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Pamela Butchart and illus. Thomas Flintham


Readers of this book should be very careful in there crazy dancing endeavours!

Mum is convinced that bad things always happen in threes, poor Maisie, what else could happen to her, we shudder at the thought.

Hilarious, illustrated school-based antics where everything that happens leads to DRAMA and RUNNING AROUND and even some FAINTING! When a session of extreme dancing leaves Maisie in hospital with a broken leg, things take a turn for the weird! Strange noises in the ward at night, missing cuddly toys and a sandwich trolley that only ever has TUNA sandwiches. Could Maisie's leg be CURSED? If it is, and it DEFINITELY IS, then everything is DOOMED!

Laugh-out-loud fun from Blue Peter Award winners Pamela Butchart and Thomas Flintham. Read more of Izzy's adventures!

This is a fab book for fans of the Worst Class in the World books, it is a longer read with over 300 pages and some really fab illustrations.

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