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Tell Me About: The Human Body

Tell Me About: The Human Body

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Written by: Emily Dodd
Illustrated by: Chorkung n/a
Format: Hardback

Making big science topics just the right size for little readers as we explore the human body. Did you know that your body is two-thirds water? Or that it takes two days for food to go right through your body? The human body is pretty amazing, and we'd like to tell you why... So sit back, and let expert scientist and CBeebies writer Emily Dodd tell you all about the human body.

With bite-sized text, facts to make you say 'WOW', and easy-to-understand explanations, big science topics are now just the right size for readers 4 years plus. Brilliantly illustrated by Chorkung, this is the perfect little book for readers who are just discovering all the AMAZING STUFF in the world around them.

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