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Take a Bite : Eat Your Way Around the World

Take a Bite : Eat Your Way Around the World

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Written by: Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski
Illustrated by:Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski
Format: Hardback

Eat your way around the world in this tasty book which looks at food, recipes and cultural traditions from 26 different countries. Where did corn come from? And wheat? And potatoes? What have people in Turkey been eating for centuries? Find out, in this delicious new book from the award-winning duo behind the bestselling Maps. Learn how to make Vietnamese pancakes, Brazilian pralines and Hungarian lecso in this delectable book which will take you on a feast-filled adventure! Be a guest at a Moroccan feast, sail along a Vietnamese floating market and indulge in the haute cuisine of France's master chefs.

Not only will you find new delicacies, but you'll also learn about their remarkable history and cultural roots along the way. This beautiful large format book makes for the perfect gift.

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