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Squadron Racers - a kit with 6 planes

Squadron Racers - a kit with 6 planes

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This is not one but a pack of six planes you can build yourself. In a sturdy box. Challenge your friends to an aeroplane race! How a bout a round of target practice too.

Little pilots, get ready to report for duty! Tiger Tribe’s Squadron Racers are a fun foam plane set. Kids can choose their foam glider plane and customise it with stickers and coloured markers or they can choose one of the coloured vintage planes.

Challenge friends to a battle in the air. See who can fly their foam plane the furthest, the highest or be the first to land on the target.

Ideal for solo play or group play with friends and family. Helps to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination with the throwing motion.

Squadron Racers - Vintage Planes product features:

  • 6 foam planes (3 colour and 3 black & white)
  • 6 propellers
  • 6 nose cones
  • 6 sticker sheets
  • 6 markers
  • 4 target sheets
  • Suitable for 5 years 
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