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Sonny Says, "Sorry!"

Sonny Says, "Sorry!"

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Written by: Caryl Hart
Illustrated by: Zachariah OHora
Format: Board book

Meet Sonny and his friends Honey, Meemo and Boo!They're having fun in the playground when ... OOH! Sonny finds a box. Sonny says, 'A present!' Sonny can't resist opening it ...

and then he can't resist what he finds inside. It's a DELICIOUS chocolate cake!But what if the present wasn't for Sonny? Can Sonny say sorry before it's too late?Join Sonny and friends in this bright and funny series that's perfect for preschoolers and great for reading aloud. Fans of Pip and Posy will adore this stylish board book, ideal for little ones learning how to play with friends.

Also available: Sonny Says 'MINE!' - Perfect for toddlers learning to share!

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