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Smugglers? Fox

Smugglers? Fox

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Written by: Susanna Bailey
Format: Paperback / softback

A spellbinding and poignant new adventure from Susanna Bailey, the critically acclaimed author of Snow Foal. Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Hannah Gold ???Haunting and lovely??? ??? Anthony McGowan ???A truly inspirational story about finding the courage to face your fears??? ??? Mel Darbon Jonah is Rio???s big brother. It???s his job.

It always has been. Especially when Mam does one of her disappearing acts, like now. Her name???s Marina, which means ???from the sea???.

And just like the sea: she changes with the wind. She comes, she goes. The sea was there the last time Jonah and Rio saw her.

The Whitby Sea. And it wasn???t in a good mood. No-one has seen Mam since that day and the social workers say .

. . she???s not coming back this time.

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