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SkyWake Battlefield

SkyWake Battlefield

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Written by: Jamie Russell
Format: Paperback / softback

Caught up in an alien war on a distant galaxy, Casey and her team are fighting for their lives - but which side should they be on? The second in an exciting and original debut sci-fi adventure trilogy for the gaming generation. Casey and hundreds of other SkyWakers are now stuck on the planet Hosin, thousands of miles out in space, forced by the Red Eyes to fight the elusive Squids. Casey and her squad, the Ghost Reapers, are determined to rescue the other gamers and return to Earth - but when the strangely compelling Squids enter Casey's mind, begging for help, Casey faces an impossible decision.

With the team split in two and Casey's brother on the other side, home seems further away than ever. How can Casey save the planet if she can't keep her friends?

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