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Written by: Joshua Seigal, Neal Zetter
Illustrated by: Zoe Williams
Format: Paperback / softback

'It follows me and yet it's not a part of me It does the things I do'. 48 inventive, insightful poems exploring the darker side. From bullies to black holes, cats to clowns, these original and thought-provoking poems are a roller coaster ride through both the silliness and sadness of being human.

Scared? celebrates the work of poets Neal Zetter and Joshua Seigal and it's not afraid of exploring the tougher side of growing up. A book that can pave the way for important conversations. This is Neal and Joshua's second collaboration for Troika.

Yuck and Yum: A Feast of Funny Food Poems has been widely praised for its vibrant poetry and has been cited as the perfect book for using in the classroom and engaging children.

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