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Written by Simon Chapman and Illustrated by Qu Lan

From source to sea, go on a breath-taking adventure along a river and explore some of the greatest waterways of the world, with fold-out pages. Rivers flow across every continent on our planet, shaping the land and bringing life. Towns, cities and entire civilisations have grown up on their banks, from the Ancient Mesopotamians 5,000 years ago.

Turn the pages to follow the incredible journey of a river from its source in high up in the mountains, along its gorges, through its valleys, down its waterfalls and into the sea. Explore the river's geography, discover the unique wildlife it supports, see how the waterways have shaped our world - and how we have shaped them. Featuring fold-out pages of six great rivers from around the world: Amazon (South America), Nile (Africa), Mississippi (North America), Rhine (Europe), Ganges (Asia) and Murray (Australia).

Written by self-confessed explorer and children's author Simon Chapman, expertly checked by river ecologist Francois Edwards and beautifully illustrated by Qu Lan.

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