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Ray - A little bug will light the way

Ray - A little bug will light the way

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Alex Latimer


Ray - A Little Bug Will Light the Way

Mouse is having such a lovely walk that he doesn't notice how late it is. When the shadows grow longer and it starts to get dark, Mouse is very scared. But then, there is a glow of light and a firefly appears saying "I'm Ray and I'll light your way!"

Join Mouse, Ray, and their friends (who are definitely NOT scared of the dark) for a night-time walk packed full of surprises.

When night falls and the shadows get longer and darker, Mouse is scared. How will he find his way home? Luckily he meets a firefly who reassures him, 'I'm Ray and I'll light your way. 9780192783868

'On their starlit walk, however, it can seem that every shadow is lurking danger. And the meerkat, chickens, frogs and squirrels who join them agree-until Ray flies close with his light and shows what the shadows really are.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the shadows might be just what they look like . . .

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