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Raven Child and the Snow Witch

Raven Child and the Snow Witch

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Linda Sutherland and Daniel Egneus

Very sparkly paperback

This tale is about a little girl called Anya - The Raven Child and she has an important mission when her Mother goes missing whilst collecting flower near the glacier. With the help of her Father and a wounded crow, they trek to the glacier to find her Mum, rescuing creatures and finding villages along the way.

This is a longer picture book, perfect for children aged 5 upwards.

About the Book

Anya lives with her mother and father in the shadow of the icy glacier where the Snow-Witch reigns. Every spring, Anya's mother journeys to the glacier to pick the blue gentian flowers that grow there. But this time, she does not return.

She has been captured by the Snow-Witch and imprisoned in the ice. Anya and her father set off with the ravens to rescue her. It's a treacherous journey, and there is no knowing what they will find; but the strength of Anya's love conquers all; the Snow-Witch is defeated and Anya's mother is saved.

Linda Sunderland recently gained an MA in Creative Writing (Contemporary Poetry). Raven Child and the Snow-Witch is her first picture book. Daniel is a hugely talented illustrator and has published many books including The Little Red Riding Hood for Harper Collins, New York.

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