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Oxford Very First Atlas

Oxford Very First Atlas

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Editorial advisor Dr. Patrick Wiegand


This is a fab little book with lots of flags, countries, colourful pages and information about each page in the book. It does not baby the reader and presents the information in small bite size chunks that are great for all sorts of conversations about our planet.

About the book

 Have you ever wondered:* What the Earth looks like from space?* How many continents there are?* Where Mount Everest is? Find out in your very first atlas! The Oxford Very First Atlas is a stimulating first atlas for young children. It is completely up-to-date with accurate, easy-to-read and colourful mapping, presented in an accessible visual layout based on research into how young children use maps. It introduces young learners to maps and develops early atlas skills, encouraging them to talk about local and distant places and to find key places on maps.

It includes:* An introduction to the globe and places around the world* Stunning images of the Earth from space* Clear and colourful maps of the world and all the continents. 


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