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No Sleep for Bear

No Sleep for Bear

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Written by: Duncan Beedie
Illustrated by:Duncan Beedie
Format: Paperback / softback

Bear is back! The lovable hero of Waterstones Children's Book Prize shortlisted The Bear who Stared is getting into more scrapes in this irresistible follow-up title from Duncan Beedie. Winter is approaching and it's time for Bear to have a nice long sleep . .

. but the more he tries to get to sleep, the more AWAKE he feels. So he decides to copy his forest friends who seem to doze off without any trouble: he sings in the trees like Blackbird, burrows underground like Badger, and even hangs upside down from his cave-roof like a bat.

But nothing works - until wise Frog shows him how to relax, and soon the forest is reverberating with his snores!A perfect bedtime story which will strike a chord with all parents of fidgety, wriggly, wide-awake children!

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