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Narwhal: The Arctic Unicorn

Narwhal: The Arctic Unicorn

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Written by: Justin Anderson
Illustrated by: Jo Weaver
Format: Paperback / softback

Discover the majestic unicorn of the sea with this suspenseful narrative from a BBC filmmaker and gorgeous art from an award-winning illustrator. With a crack and a creak, the frozen sea begins to melt-the ice splits apart and a new pathway forms. As winter comes to an end, a pod of narwhals begins a treacherous journey north.

Along the way, they must find fish to eat, avoid a hungry polar bear, and navigate the maze of sea ice. Will their sensitive long spiral tusks and clicking calls be enough to keep them safe and help them find their way to their summer resting grounds? Join zoologist Justin Anderson and artist Jo Weaver as they reveal the mysteries of these amazing toothed whales and their Arctic home. Small text offers narwhal facts throughout, and young explorers can read more on the future of this fascinating creature in the back matter.

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