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Lunar Launcher

Lunar Launcher

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This is a fab and inexpensive toy that children will play with for hours. Great for indoors or out.

Looking for a fun retro toy? Schylling’s Lunar Launcher is a classic space launcher that is bound to delight and impress as the plastic disks zoom across the air.

To use, snap the spinning disk to the launcher, twist it to wind it up, take aim and pull the trigger - watch as the disks soar over 65 feet. Retro toys never go out of fashion and are a fun way to recapture the happiness of childhood.

Lunar Launcher - product features:

  • Space launcher retro toy
  • Snap the disks, twist and pull the trigger
  • The disk flies over 65 feet
  • Comes with 3 soft plastic disks and the trigger-activated launcher
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