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Lulu reads to Zeki

Lulu reads to Zeki

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Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Bearshaw


Lulu is a very kind sister when her new baby brother arrives and reads to him all her favourite books. Duck books for the baths, her best bear story and when little Zeki is crying.

About the Book

Lulu has a new baby brother - little Zeki, who sleeps a lot and cries a lot too. Luckily, Lulu has a book for every situation. So when baby Zeki needs a new nappy, Lulu reads him her best potty book. When he sobs in the bath, she reads her favourite duck story. And when Zeki is tired, Lulu takes out a soothing sleepy tale. Although everyone is busy with the new baby, they are never too busy to read helpful Lulu her own story at bedtime.

Warm, colourful illustrations show Lulu's parents involving her with their preparations for the new baby and then, after Zeki's birth, making sure to finding time for her too. A feel-good story of happy family life.

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