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Literally, amazing words and where they come from

Literally, amazing words and where they come from

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Patrick Skipworth and Nicholas Stephenson


Want to know where the word Karaoke comes from? Amazing news, this is just the book to find out, and so many other words, this is a book that can picked up time and again. Add to the interesting words are very wonderful illustrations, this book is a real treat. 

About the Book

Amazing English Words and Where They Came From

A stunning non-fiction picture book about the global diversity hidden in the English language.

Did you know that English words come from all over the world and that their meanings have changed along their journey? Our word "zero" comes from the Arabic word for empty space. "Companion" is from the Latin for with bread.

With simple descriptions and dazzling, evocative and witty illustrations, this is a fascinating introduction to the rich history and cultural diversity of our language.

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